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Date of Birth : 7 August 1963 , Brooklyn, New York, USA
Birth Name : Harold Williams
Nickname : Harold
Height : 5' 10½" (1.79 m)
Sign : Leo
Hair : Black

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Harold Perrineau, Jr. is born on August 7, 1963. He is an American actor, known for the roles of Michael Dawson in the U.S. television series Lost, Link in Th .... Read More


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CSI: NY (TV Series 2004-Present)

  • Projects Name: CSI: NY (TV Series 2004-Present) (2010)
  • Also Known As :
  • Release Date: September 22, 2004
  • Character: Reggie Tifford
  • Rating: 6.7
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
  • Status: Completed
  • Runtime: 43 minutes
  • Tagline: How long does it take to get hooked on the latest CSI: hit? About a New York minute.

CSI: NY (TV Series 2004-Present) CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York) is an American police procedural television series that premiered on September 22, 2004, on CBS. The show follows the investigations of a team of NYPD forensic scientists and police officers as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths as well as other crimes. The series was the second indirect spin-off from the veteran series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and directly from CSI: Miami during an episode in which several of the CSI: NY characters made their first appearance. Currently the show airs on Fridays at 9pm/8c on CBS; in the UK it airs on Channel 5 on Saturdays at 10pm with repeats usually shown on Five USA.